Webinar: How to save money effectively

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Description of the webinar:

Even if you think you earn really little, you still can afford to put something aside. You don't believe it, don't you? You can easily find it out in a while. It is not without reason that many finance experts keep talking about putting aside even small amounts. So, if you are at least a teenager, it is worthwhile to start saving money right away. Even if you think that merely £100 a month won’t change anything in your budget. Yet, as time goes by, the amount of money saved will be higher and higher. After a year you’ll be able to afford a new bike and in two years’ time – a pretty good laptop. Can you imagine what you’ll be able to buy in 5 or 10 years from now, by making such seemingly insignificant savings? It's only one of the methods for people who think they don’t have enough money to put some of it aside. If you want to learn other tricks and skills that effectively help you to keep your budget on track, sign up for our webinar.

What will you learn?

  1. What saving methods for beginners there are.
  2. How to put aside small and large sums.
  3. Whether saving money is for everyone.
  4. When to start saving.
  5. How much you will save thanks to a few small changes.

Available languages:

English, Hungarian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Greek, Slovak, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

Duration of the webinar:

113 minutes

Customer reviews
Laurie, aged 39.

“I've learned to save money for a rainy day. I’ve already managed to save £1000.”

Robert, aged 58.

“You can start saving at any age. I started saving for my dream holiday thanks to this webinar.”

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