Webinar: How to create podcasts – a comprehensive guide

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Description of the webinar:

Podcasts are commonplace – just like radio broadcasts used to be in the past. We listen to them on the way to work, when riding a bike or when working out at the gym. All you need to do is put on the earphones and you’re in a completely different world in an instant. The variety of topics is really immense. That’s why in a broad range of podcasts there is something for everyone. No matter if you are more interested in crime stories, popular science or lifestyle interviews. No wonder that many podcasters create podcasts, which often become hits. All you need is to pick an interesting topic, find an interviewee or simply want to share your story with others. But, where to start when you want to record a podcast? Watch our webinar and find out.

What will you learn?

  1. What a podcast is.
  2. What equipment is used to record podcasts.
  3. Who can record a podcast.
  4. What to do to make others want to listen to your podcast.
  5. Where to publish a podcast on the Internet.

Available languages:

English, Hungarian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Greek, Slovak, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

Duration of the webinar:

113 minutes

Customer reviews
Margaret, aged 29.

“Until now, I didn’t think I could record a popular podcast. And yet, my last episode has been listened to by more than 3,000 people in 2 months.”

Alexandra, aged 30.

“The main thing is simply to start recording, and it’s the webinar that helped me understand that.”

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